Facebook announce Video Calling with Skype

/ 7 years ago

During Facebooks very recent announcement, that is still going on at Facebook HQ, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Video Calling.

You can find the promotional video here.

It seems they are partnering with Skype to integrate Video Calling into the Facebook Chat experience and it seems like it will be rather seamless. All you will need to do is pop up your friends list in the chat area at the bottom right of the screen and select a friend. Then click on their name and click the “start a video call” camera looking icon. Sounds rather seamless to us.

If you use Facebook it should very shortly ask you to download a Facebook Video Calling Plug-in which is downloaded and installed very quickly. The only twist in this little saga is that Microsoft now own Skype so are we going to see Facebook and Microsoft collaborating any time soon? In some ways, I hope not.

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