Facebook Bans ‘Feeling Fat’?

/ 2 years ago


Facebook users know that you can post a vast number of activities on your timeline, from what you are doing, like watching a certain movie, to how you are feeling at a moment in time. But have you ever wanted to post that you are feeling a bit ‘fat-ish’ after a big meal?

Well, whether you were aware of the ‘feeling fat’ emoji or not, Facebook has recently banned it after a number of complaints. It is said that the rosy-cheeked, double-chinned emoticon got banned after activists started a petition against it for its negative impact it might have for those struggling with eating disorders and general issues regarding body weight.

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  • RacistPenguin

    Wow, some people really have nothing better to do… Petition against a fucking emoticon? Give me a break…

    PS: I’m feeling fat as fuck right now.

  • David Spracklen

    Wait. “Fat” isn’t a feeling?

    • RacistPenguin

      Don’t try to apply logic to the Internet.