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/ 3 years ago

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As we recently reported on Facebook’s attempt to integrate further with smartphones, it looks like we now know more of what they are trying to accomplish. By natively hosting the news. The New York Times’ sources are saying that Facebook has been talking to six different media companies in regards to directly publishing their content on Facebook’s site, not just a link to the article. The names of the companies we know now are The New York Times, Buzzfeed, National Geographic, and The Huffington PostAs to what Facebook is wanting to accomplish, they think that an eight second load time average per page, on mobile, is too long, beyond just having the investment in mobile technology.

What is a good part of that load time experienced is advertisements, which actually generate a fair amount for the companies. As the NYT has said, the ideas reception isn’t going swimmingly, which isn’t that surprising. As the companies see it, Facebook has more to earn financially in the end, as they haven’t established much of a traffic-data sharing plan, due to the fact that users would stay on Facebook, rather than going to the media companies site, even if more people have access to it. With the sheer number of people on Facebook a day, and courtesy of Facebook’s curated news feed, the stories would be much more exposed than just being on the originating media companies site. However making this a fair deal is currently unknown.

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Source: Engadget

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