Facebook Continues to Fail to Attract Young Users!

It’s not exactly a secret that Facebook is predominantly seen as social media for older people. A fact that I’m admittedly perhaps not too thrilled to reiterate given that it’s pretty much the only platform I’m on. – Put simply though, Facebook has undoubtedly been making some pretty big efforts over the last three years in order to attempt to attract younger blood to its incredibly ageing population. Younger users who are, incidentally, seemingly happy to sign up to other platforms, just not theirs!

Following a report via TechSpot, however, fresh market research has indicated that Facebook is still continuing to fail to get ‘down with the kids’ as the latest figures indicate that nearly 70% of teenagers do not have an account on the social media platform! – A drop, incidentally, of around 40% in just the last 6 years!

Facebook Continues to Fail to Attract Younger Users!

According to the survey, YouTube and TikTok currently represent the biggest ‘social media’ platforms for teenagers with over 90% citing regular use of both. In contrast, however, despite having 70% of teenagers signed up in 2015, the figures in 2022 show, basically, the same number but in the opposite direction. In other words, 70% of teenagers today do not use Facebook!

Why is this though? Well, predominantly, I think the problem is twofold:

  • Teenagers back in 2015 are no longer teenagers today. As such, those who did remain on the platform no longer fall within the targeted demographic (more on this below)
  • Teenagers typically don’t like interaction with their parents. As such, why would they want to share a social media platform with them?…

Getting back to the first point though, if this is accurate, then it likely spells an even greater problem for Facebook. Namely, if the drop in users has been exacerbated by former members growing up, it would clearly indicate that between 2015-2022 hardly any teenagers joined the platform at all!

Personally, though, I’m not sure what Facebook can do to solve the problem. Well, other than either buying its competition out or, alternatively, launching a completely separate new platform specifically targeting teenagers. – What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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