Facebook Feature to Help Prevent Suicide

/ 3 years ago

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Facebook is rolling out a new feature in US, that will identify posts that could signal someone being suicidal. The feature will then offer the user links to various support services.

If someone using Facebook sees such a post, they can report it to the company, who will then offer the potentially suicidal user help. They say that Facebook is employing a team of counsellors who can communicate with individuals who may be in need of support. They can offer their own support or hand the individual over to relevant organisations, such as the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Facebook announced the feature on its safety page, and said that it would be US only to begin with. It’s unclear exactly whether it would ever be available in other countries. While it may receive praise from charities concerned with these issues, questions have been raised about its potential to be abused and what effect this may have on those with genuine concern.

The feature will gradually roll out over the coming months.

Source: The Next Web

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