Facebook Home Received Poorly By Android Users

/ 5 years ago


Facebook home created quite a bit of hype throughout the mobile world, promising to change the way you use Facebook on your Android smartphone. However, all that hype doesn’t appear to have amounted to anything good if the Google Play Store feedback is anything to go by. A couple of days after the launch of Facebook’s new “revolutionary” app and Facebook Home is scraping a quite mediocre 2.4 average rating from 3018 reviews.



Nearly half of all Facebook Home users on the Google Play Store gave it a vote of 1 star which is really quite bad. The app is criticised for being un-intuitive, poorly customisable and lacking integration. I haven’t had a chance to use Facebook Home but based purely on user feedback I can’t say I am feeling tempted to do so. It has been described as an app for “Facebook Junkees” but then surely you would of expected such a thing? People misinterpreted Facebook Home as the Facebook Phone when it was in the run up to being launched so surely you would of expected it to be totally Facebook orientated?

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What have been your experiences with Facebook Home so far? Have you enjoyed using the new app? Would you recommend that other people try it? Or if you didn’t like it – then what didn’t you like about it?


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3 Responses to “Facebook Home Received Poorly By Android Users”
  1. Vardan Nazaretyan says:

    Lacking integration?! Please, IMHO, integration is the only thing that this app has. Other than that, everything is horrible IMHO.

  2. I’ve been waiting to try it for a few days. Finally allowed to use it today. Uninstalled after 30 minutes. I don’t think anyone uses Facebook enough to justify using this. It made using my phone more difficult, that surely wasn’t their intention was it?

  3. Jordan Buck says:

    From all the comments can totally understand how this app is frustrating, how did facebook think it was a good idea to make a phones “phone features” secondary..?

    Silly facebook.

    Cheers eTeknix had a good laugh reading some of the comments in the pic 🙂

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