Facebook Introduce “Like Reply” Feature

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Facebook users have just been graced with a new feature for the Facebook messaging service which is actually pretty useful. You are used to liking comments, links, photos and so on and now Facebook are going to introduce the Like Reply to their services over the coming weeks. In Facebook Messenger users can now reply with a thumbs up, or Like Reply, according to Tech Crunch.

By default if you do not type anything in response to a message simply hitting the send button will deliver a Like Reply. This can be useful for those messages when your response would be something simple like ok, thanks, good and so on. This is going to be particularly useful for mobile users who want quick and easy messaging when they are busy, out and about or just generally a bit rushed off their feet.

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Facebook has added the feature to messenger for Android, iOS and the web messenger although I have yet to see it on the desktop messenger for Windows just yet. You might be unsurprised to know that Facebook has apparently stolen/ripped off this feature from Path who have had it for quite a few months now. Either way its quite a useful addition.

Image courtesy of Tech Crunch

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