Facebook Places Fake News Adverts in UK Papers

/ 11 months ago

Facebook has placed adverts in several UK papers outlining the warning signs of a fake news article.

The adverts have been put into several high-profile newspapers including The Times, The Guardian and Daily Telegraph. Facebook outlines ten key features of what Facebook considers ‘fake news’ to help its users.

What is fake news?

If you are asking this, you obviously did not follow the Presidential election campaign. Fake News is either made up entirely citing unnamed ‘sources’ or by expressing an opinion as fact.

YouTube recently announced that it was launching UK workshops to help people identify fake news.

An example of No. 10 – Deliberately fake news. British Journalism – Best in the world.

So what are their tips?

The tips offered by Facebook are available on their website, however here they are to save you time.

  1. Be sceptical of headlines.
  2. Look closely at the URL (web address)
  3. Investigate the source.
  4. Watch for unusual formatting.
  5. Consider the photos.
  6. Inspect the dates.
  7. Check the Evidence.
  8. Look at other reports.
  9. Is the story a joke?
  10. Some stories are intentionally false.

If I’m honest, there is some pretty obvious stuff here.

Facebook fake news

Why has Facebook decided to make these guidelines?

The release comes following pressure on Facebook regarding the content it hosts. The truth, however, is a lot blunter. A BBC Panorama documentary about Facebook is set to air this week. The documentary will directly implicate Facebook in playing a decisive role in the US election. It will also link Facebook to the British EU referendum; this will likely be another embarrassing indictment of criticism against the social media giant.

Facebook have said that they have removed “tens of thousands” of ‘fake news’ accounts in recent weeks. They added that they are always working to address this contentious issue.

While Facebook is set to be criticised for promoting fake news, be certain that all you hear from us at eTeknix will be the truth; unless our editor decides to run for President.

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