Facebook Rumoured To Be Interested In Acquiring BlackBerry

/ 4 years ago


The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook is the latest company to be involved in the chase to acquire BlackBerry. As we know BlackBerry have financially struggled in the past few years as sales of their handsets have declined, but could things be so bad that they need to be taken over by a more successful company, like Facebook? Well the WSJ seems to think so and suggests executives of both companies got together last week to discuss a potential buyout offer. Naturally both Facebook and BlackBerry declined to comment on the speculation and we are unlikely to hear anything official until any form of deal is done and agreed.

Facebook aren’t the only company to be involved in a rumoured acquisition of Blackberry as BlackBerry already accepted a potential buyout offer from Canadian consortium Fairfax Financial which will finalise in early November if no other bids are placed for the handset company by then. Several other companies are also rumoured to be interested with Lenovo, led by BlackBerry’s ex-CEO Mike Lazaridis, one of them. Whatever happens there will be a lot of change at BlackBerry as the company is looking to turn its focus towards business customers in the public and private sectors instead of the consumer market where Samsung and Apple are forcing rivals into marginal positions.

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