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Facebook to End ‘Classic Mode’ Next Month

Around a year ago Facebook decided to give its social media interface a facelift which, at the time, was received with some mixed reactions. Largely because people had become so accustomed to their existing layout that any changes were always likely to be met with some resistance. In offering a temporary solution, however, Facebook did give users the option to switch back to the ‘classic‘ mode.

Following a report via Engadget, however, if you are one of the people still using this ‘traditional’ interface, you only have around a month left to enjoy it because, like it or not, Facebook wants you to make the change!

Facebook to End ‘Classic’ Interface Option

While the new style has been the ‘default’ option since May, ever since the new version of the social media platform was released, users have had the option to opt for the more traditional classic interface. Make no bones about it though, this was only a temporary stay of execution rather than a permanent reprieve.

While a specific date for the end of ‘Classic’ has not yet been confirmed, Facebook has made it abundantly clear that the new version will be the only option available before the end of September.

What Do We Think?

We would freely admit that the new facelift on the social media site does require a little adjustment. It doesn’t, however, take too long before you get used to where the new land lies. Why are they doing this though? Well, the most obvious answer is that Facebook wants more people to interact with their latest features. Particularly it’s Streaming platform which has, so far, gotten off to a fairly tepid start.

If you have been stubbornly been refusing to make the move to the new version, however, you only have a little over a month (and possibly less) left to enjoy it!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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