Facebook Video Ads Delayed Till 2014

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The discussion about video adverts coming to Facebook seems to have been occurring forever and if AllThingsD have got their sources right then we can expect this discussion to last well into next year. Apparently the implementation of Facebook video adverts has now been delayed (again) until 2014 after the Winter 2013 launch was pushed back by Facebook.

The reason for the delay is apparently because Facebook wants to ensure it minimises annoyance to its users. Facebook has recognised that these adverts could potentially turn users away to rival social media platforms so is treading carefully. Facebook is still collecting user feedback based on the trial of auto-playing non-commercial videos it started in September. This feedback will then be used to ensure that the final video advertisement product is both as effective and user friendly as possible. Facebook’s video advertising is expected to be a huge earner giving advertisers access to hundreds of millions of users. Facebook are expected to charge some pretty hefty premiums for the right to play video adverts on their site.

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Facebook first displayed news feed video advertisements prototypes back in December 2012 and originally pledged to launch them in the second half of 2013.

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2 Responses to “Facebook Video Ads Delayed Till 2014”
  1. Futilizer says:

    How about no.

  2. James Armstrong says:

    They’ll hopefully be a Facebook Video Ad Blocker or something developed for Chrome / Firefox. Then it wont be a problem.

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