Facebook’s Free Internet Expands to Malawi in Africa

/ 3 years ago

facebook internet

Facebook-led initiative Internet.org has been on the minds of many individuals as of late, especially given the service’s controversy. Basically, Internet.org wants to bring free-of-charge internet to the two thirds of the world that don’t currently enjoy access to the service. However, it looks like things might be a bit more complicated, as the service was recently criticized for allegedly violating the net neutrality laws of India. Despite the setbacks, Zuckerberg is quite determined to ensure the project’s success, which is why he decided to expand it to Malawi, an African country that boasts a population of over 16 million people.

Internet.org is currently backed by reputable firms such as Qualcomm, Samsung and Nokia, and many more will probably join the fold during the expansion process. Mark announced through a Facebook post that following the latest leap, Internet.org is currently in the reach of over 1 billion people. He also stated: “We will keep connecting more people and more countries, and we won’t stop until every person in the world can connect to the internet.”

facebook internet

In the end, there’s nothing wrong with trying to give people free access to the internet. However, some believe that nothing is actually free of cost. What do you think about the Internet.org initiative?

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