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Back in the day, the chosen peripherals for a computer were generally a mouse and a keyboard, and as USB became more mainstream, so did the products that went with it. Mice and keyboards have become fancier with backlit keys and macro buttons. Mice became wireless and had docking bays to keep it charged up for when you was ready to frag.

As this was all going on, other products were being developed in the same sector, such as USB headphones and more importantly webcams. More and more households in the world have super-fast broadband, and the most inexpensive way to contact your relatives overseas would be via an instant messaging program such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype, or the beloved oldie; ICQ.

Problem was, text chat just wasn’t enough, as it seems (at least to me) to be a tad impersonal. That’s where the multimedia side of things really took off, with the ability to hear voices and even see faces of your loved ones. The only slight hitch, was that the quality was generally, pretty dire, but things were set to change as HD came on the market, especially with the likes of TV’s and monitors, but other gadgets were always destined to follow.

SD video always had a slight pixelated feel to it and jagged edges; and with a slow internet connection, it often made calling someone more of a frustration and annoyance rather than a happy time for all.

Bring forward time to the present date, and we can see more and more manufacturer’s producing HD products, and when you look at webcams, it was generally Logitech who held the torch, but now things have taken another change in the HD webcam world.

Enter, the FaceVsion TouchCam N1


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