Fake Apple Watch ‘Prototype’ Sells for $260

/ 3 years ago


It seems that the Apple Watch is being ripped off long before you can buy the real thing – first we saw those fake watches being sold at CES and now this, the story of a supposed ‘prototype’ on eBay that actually sold to a gullible buyer for $260.

Just looking at the pictures, most people would tell straight away that this was not the real deal. The image on the screen looks like a sticker and the bezel is massive. There’s also the hilarious giant Apple logo on the back in the place of the biosensors that feature on the real thing.

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It does get some aspects correct – its shape is about right and it does have a crown, like Apple’s ‘Digital Crown’. The strap however looks extraordinarily cheap as do the rest of the materials used on the ‘device’.

The real thing is due out in the next few months, with Apple hastily tweaking the software and battery life to ensure all goes well upon launch. The latest rumours have suggested a March launch date for you to get your Apple Watch fix.

Source: Variety Report

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