Falcon Multi-Format Bluetooth Keyboard Review

/ 3 years ago

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Today I’ll be taking a look at the Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard, a multi-format, multi-purpose keyboard designed for a wide range of usage scenarios, both at home and in professional industries.

It’s certainly unique in terms of its features and design. Being compatible with virtually every major format you can think of certainly could come in handy, especially if your work involves switching between Android, iOS, PC, Mac and who knows what other devices, so long as they are Bluetooth compatible you can hot-swap between them with ease. The keyboards main focus is to limit how much you have to move your hands, such as moving your right hand to find the mouse, or moving your hands to find things like PGUP and PGDN. It does this by using a thumb control on the space bar for the mouse.

  • The falcon™ is a multi-platform keyboard. It is compatible with any Bluetooth capable tablet, smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer.
  • The falcon™ can link with up to three different Bluetooth capable devices and switch between devices with a simple two key shortcut.
  • The falcon™ provides a keyboard with a thumb-controlled cursor on the space bar, and cursor activation key under the finger tips of the computer operator’s hands.
  • Efficiency is increased as the need to move at least one hand back and forth from the computer keyboard to a standard mouse, track-ball, or track pad to make cursor control operations occur is eliminated.
  • While the laptop cursor pad, keyboard track ball, or even the wrist-rest track-bar, allows the operator’s hands to remain near the keys during cursor movement, their thumb or finger operation still takes fingers away from being directly over the keyboard keys and space bar.
  • Getting used to using the falcon™ is almost natural since the thumb and fingers are in a very similar position as when using a mouse.
  • One or two movements with either the left or right edge of the thumb can take the cursor from side-to-side, or top to bottom of the monitor screen. Rate of movement can be adjusted by varying the resolution (DPI) of the mouse with a keyboard shortcut.
  • The keyboard can be set for either left or right hand operation. The hands are placed on the keyboard in a natural typing position.
  • The tips of the fingers are used to click the left/right or up/down scroll white keys. Zoom and rotate movements are also provided.
  • The size of the falcon™ is very similar to a laptop inserted keyboard with full size keys. It has a silicon membrane top and bottom and USB port seal to provide protection from water spills, dust, and other hazards.
  • US Patent No. 8803807.

The keyboard certainly looks unique, which is a polite way of me saying it looks a bit rubbish, but I know better than to judge a book by its cover, so let’s take a closer look at what is on offer. The Falcon has a grippy rubber coating, which makes it pleasant to hold and use, but also makes it spill proof; handy if you’re a devil for knocking over your coffee at your desk. The keyboard also has a super low profile and that means you’ll find it nice and easy to type on.

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In the top right, you’ll find the keyboard has a sync button, quite important given that it needs to be paired via bluetooth.


There’s a master power button in the top left, great for saving power or taking it out of sleep mode.


There’s four white buttons in the middle of the keyboard, which are obviously not where you would normally find buttons. These are (from left to right) Up, Down, Left Click and Right Click. The use of these buttons means you rarely have to remove your hands from the ASDF and JKL; buttons while touch typing.


Keeping your hands in an active typing position is further enhanced by this touch sensitive thumb-mouse on the space bar; perfect for quick navigation adjustments and perfect for those who do a lot of data inputting.


The Falcon is equipped with three pairing channels, so you can quickly switch between mobile and desktop devices with ease. This is great if you have a tablet next to your monitor or more than one system side-by-side as it negates the need for multiple keyboards and mice and means you can switch almost instantly between them.


Around the back there’s a small rubber flap.


Behind the flap, you’ll find a micro-USB charging port; the rubber flap helps improve the water and dust resistance of the keyboard.


The bottom of the keyboard is flat and since the keyboard is rubber coated, it grips your desk quite firmly, so there’s no chance of it sliding around at all. It’s also quite nice for when you’ve got the keyboard on your legs, as it will hold firmly in place.


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