Fallout 4 Official Trailer Released

/ 2 years ago


Bethesda release trailer for the highly anticipated Fallout 4 which is going to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

I never played the original Fallouts, back then I was a console gamer and never really touched PC games. So when Fallout 3 was announced nearly 11 years ago, I was excited and not one of those people that thought the game should never have been a Fallout title. In fact, when it was released over 4 years later, I was one of the lucky ones that got it a day early thanks to an online retailer. I originally got it for the Xbox 360 and on one save game alone, racked up 180 hours fairly quickly. I loved this game, I got all the achievements for the 360 and decided to go for the Games for Windows Live version too. I racked up many more hours and maxed the achievements again. This was the game that turned me into a PC gamer. Even though it was a slightly buggy port of the console version, it ran better and keyboard and mouse win over a controller with this type of game.

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A couple of years later, Fallout New Vegas was released. It was not too bad, but I felt it could have just been a DLC for Fallout 3 instead of its own game. I played it a little; then played it a little more when high-resolution mods came out for the PC version. But deep inside, all I wanted was a brand new Fallout game.

Well, Bethesda have answered my prayers and have just released a trailer showing in-game footage. I’m not going to analyse the footage, I’m just going to let you take a look at it yourself. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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