Fallout 76 Gamer Roleplays as a Beggar With Surprising Results

While I’m not necessarily going to wax lyrical over the game, I will confess that I do take more than a little pleasure out of Fallout 76. Yes, it was an absolute mess on launch and still carries a lot of hallmarks of a concept that was half-baked and rushed out the door. God forgive me though, but I actually like it! Admittedly, patches have helped this massively!

One of the biggest criticisms of the game is the lack of any clear questing structure. More specifically, the lack of any actual NPCs. Many users have, therefore, decided to take on these roles themselves offering help and assistance to users as if they were a legit computerised character. In a report via Polygon, however, one user has recently been roleplaying the game as a homeless beggar. Surprisingly, the community has reacted really well to this.

Fallout 76 and the Creative Ways Users Make their Own NPCs

User Andreslamantis decided to play the game effectively roleplaying as a homeless beggar. Denying himself the ability to craft or create, he set up his ‘home’ in Flatwoods with a begging bowl and a simple sign that reads ‘free hugs’.

The experiment was to see if other players would interact with him and, specifically, what they would do. Well, the short version is that their response has been surprisingly good.

Positive Response!

Andreslamantis has reported that a surprisingly high number of players have chosen to participate in his experiment. They have done this by literally donating weapons, food or clothing to him. While some of this has, of course, been directed at giving him ‘unusual’ clothing to wear, others have gone as far as to ‘donate’ highly-customised weapons.

From donations received, he has now been able to construct a very basic wooden shack. A significant upgrade from his cardboard bed. He has said, however, that next week the hut is going to ‘be destroyed in high winds’. A move that will put his beggar back to square one. It does, however, highlight that despite the temptation for toxic PVP in the game, a lot of the community does have a strong ‘we’re all in this together’ spirit!

So, perhaps Bethesda’s concept of player interactions making up for the lack of NPCs wasn’t too far off the mark after all!

What do you think? Have you played Fallout 76? If so, what did you think of it? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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