Fallout Shelter Rakes In $5.1 Million in just Two Weeks

/ 2 years ago
With the E3 announcement of Fallout 4 just over a month ago the internet has been getting pretty wild for fallout content and with the announcement of Fallout 4 there was also the release of Fallout Shelter, a free to play app for Apple devices and soon, Android. The app quickly took Candy Crush from its number 1 spot and the games popularity has been gathering momentum extremely fast.
The popular SIM game which has you take the position of the overseer (the leader of the vault) has cashed in $5.1 million dollars in just two weeks that is vastly incredible for a free to playgame, where is the money coming from you ask? Well, like most mobile games, this game includes the option to buy in game items, however in this game you do not need to buy these, as everything in the game is built instantly and the endgame purchases are just for rare items, characters and clothing. You might ask yourself why Bethesda, a game developer who are popularly known for their AAA open world RPG games would move into mobile app games and the answer is very self explanatory; $5.1 million in cash being made in just a matter of two weeks.

The success of Fallout Shelter is a strong indicator that game companies can have alternative ways of making money and that you don’t need to develop an incredibly detailed game to make some extra money on the side.

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