Fan Recreates Max Payne’s Original Face in Max Payne 3

/ 2 years ago

facially correct max payne 3 (1)

I don’t know that much about Max Payne but I do know that the man has been through a lot in his life, particularly as his wife and daughter were murdered by drug users. That’s why I can’t really figure out why someone would choose to torture him even further. To clarify, Max Payne 3 already allows players to swap the main character’s default face with the one from Max Payne 1 thanks to an Easter Egg. The thing is, that particular skin also includes Max’s hair from 2001, and since the character is completely bald in Max Payne 3, an Imgur user named BalloonMoose decided to create a “Facially Correct” version of the skin.

This new skin looks pretty horrible if I’m honest, and I don’t see any reason why anyone would want to play the game like this. However, its creator did put a bit of work into making it, and some of you might actually find the result humorous. The actual model for the iconic character was the writer of Max Payne and Max Payne 2, Sam Lake, who is also a founding member of Remedy Entertainment. What do you think he’d have to say about BalloonMoose’s work?

Check out the images below if you dare.

facially correct max payne 3 (2)

facially correct max payne 3 (3)

facially correct max payne 3 (4)

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