Fancy a PC That Can Fit In Your Pocket? Tango PC Is On The Way

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Small Form Factor systems are making a comeback as we seek cleaner desktops and workspaces, but a new system dubbed the Tango PC will make even the smallest SFF chassis seem big considering you can fit it into your pocket.

Built around an AMD A6-5200 2GHz quad-core processor that typically resides within laptops, along with 2-8GB of DDR3 memory and a mSATA drive ranging from 32GB to 1TB, the unit that is not much larger than an iPhone 5 slots into a docking station that provides users with 3 USB2.0 ports, 1 USB3.0 port, HDMI output, a headphone jack and WiFi.

Following a successful Indiegogo campaign earlier this year, the Tango PC creators have got a second campaign currently running on Kickstarter to boost the funding needed to get the system into the mass production stages.

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The small dimensions and gaming levels of performance don’t carry a heavy price tag either with prices starting at $99. The creators also stress that this system is upgradeable as well so even if you order a system with 2GB RAM and 64GB SSD, the option is there to upgrade down the line. OS support is just the same as any laptop with Windows 7 and 8.1 capable of running along with any Linux distro along with Chrome and Steam OS.

With just over 24 hours to go until the Kickstarter campaing ends the Tango PC has exceeded the minimum pledge needed and this means that Tango PC can make the next step towards production and hitting the retail market.

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