Far Cry 4 Broken On Your PS3? Simple Fix: Delete Everything

/ 3 years ago


The PlayStation 3 version of Far Cry 4 is having some serious issues, with a simple fix: delete everything.

Some users are reporting an error that states “delete FC3 game data” which has players deleting the entire game, something that even wipes the save games. From there, you need to download the “correct version” from the PlayStation Store, which is a 9.4GB download.

On the PC, Ubisoft has a cleaner fix, which has an issue that throws the game to a black screen whenever it detects an external USB device. A new patch is on its way, which Ubisoft says it’ll fix the issue, adding “Some have been able to temporarily fix this problem by disabling USB devices and certain drivers, but we realize this is in no way ideal.”

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Source: Joystiq.

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One Response to “Far Cry 4 Broken On Your PS3? Simple Fix: Delete Everything”
  1. OverfiendUK says:

    I can appreciate some issues with PC’s. But on Console’s? Surely with the architecture being the same through and through they should have all this ironed out before release. Do they even test these games nowadays?

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