Faster Ivy Bridge and SB-E processors on the way

/ 5 years ago

According to industry sources we can expect to see a faster Ivy Bridge flagship CPU in the near future. Meaning something that is better than the i7 3770K. This paves the way for two possibilities. The new processor which is set to arrive in the first quarter of 2013 can either be a new processor model – for example an i7 3780K or i7 3790K – or it could be a revised version of the i7 3770K.

The rumours suggest the processor will be faster, but we have no idea by how much. The stock i7 3770K has 3.5GHz stock and 3.9GHz turbo, so 3.7GHz stock and 4.1GHz turbo seems a likely scenario for the improved version.

In addition to that, a faster i7 3820 is being planned too. That’s because the i7 3820 has struggled to sell as Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge quad cores offer better performance for a lower price, given the fact X79 LGA 2011 motherboards cost notoriously more than Z68 and Z77 LGA 1155 motherboards as well.

The i7 3820 part is also scheduled for the first quarter of 2013 and is a lot more necessary than the i7 3770K replacement. This is due to the fact the Sandy Bridge-E X79 platform has to last until Q3 of 2013 when its replaced by Ivy Bridge-E.

It is also worth noting that Haswell will arrive at the same time as these new processors are scheduled, thus these processors act as an incentive for users to not skip the Sandy Bridge-E / Ivy Bridge platforms in favour of Haswell and help clearly existing large inventories of X79 and Z77 stock.


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