Fastest DDR4 Air-Cooling Frequency Record Set by G.SKILL Memory

/ 3 years ago

DDR4 Record Ripjaws 4 (2)

As the world’s most appreciated extreme performance memory manufacturer, G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., is setting new standards for DDR4 memory modules. Featuring higher module density as well as lower voltage requirements and higher data rate transfer speeds, DDR4 is clearly superior to DDR3 in every way and now, thanks to G.SKILL, DDR4 managed to set a new air-cooling frequency record.

Paired with an ASRock X99M Killer/3.1 motherboard, G.SKILL’s Ripjaws 4 memory managed to achieve a speed of 4062MHz. This is the fastest DDR4 frequency ever reached with both memory and CPU benefiting from regular air-cooling. The company has been hard at work trying to push the limits of these new RAM modules since August 2014 when they first came on the market, and I have to say that what they’ve managed to achieve is quite impressive. The record has been validated by CPU-Z, and the VP of ASRock Sales and Marketing, James Lee, stated the following:

“This outstanding performance is not only a tremendous glory, but also a huge acknowledgement to our overclocking ability.”

DDR4 Record Ripjaws 4 (3)

You can a have look at the following video and experience this record-breaking event yourself.

Do you think it’s worth it to switch to DDR4 at this point in time?

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