Fate of the Pharaoh – PC Game Review

/ 6 years ago

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Today I’m looking at Fate of the Pharaoh, a release from Cateia Games.

Now many of you may think that a game from Cateia Games may not be worth your few quid, but I’d typically beg to differ. With the game being available for as little as £3 from their website it’s got to be worth a go, right?

With a sales pitch of ‘building glorious Egyptian towns and expanding your realm’, it intrigued me… so off I went to download it and get stuck in.

Fate of the Pharaoh is pretty much a point and click game, without the need for the keyboard your left, or right (if you’re a lefty!) hand gets a nice rest while the other clicks away. Though I found mine wanting to do something..

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These games seem to be growing increasingly popular now after the release of many city building games on social networking sites. Which obviously became popular because people enjoyed the likes of Age of Empires, Stronghold and many other games that require you to build up your own existence.

Following in the footsteps of others may not always lead you down the right path, however.

Set in the Egyptian days, the story is a rather simple one. Your empire has crumbled after repelling invaders of war and you’re on a mission to rebuild it and become the greatest Pharaoh that ever lived.

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