Father and Daughter Built Jurassic Park Out of $100,000 of LEGO

/ 2 years ago

jurassic park lego

A father and daughter have not only recreated Jurassic Park – the dinosaur-filled theme park from the eponymously-titled 1993 Spielberg film – from over $100,000 worth of LEGO bricks, they, with the help of some animator friends, recreated some of the movie’s best moments as a stop-motion YouTube short.

The high quality of the animation compares favourably with 2014’s multi-million dollar The LEGO Movie, and the recreations of famous Jurassic Park scenes are very charming. The pair even made a ‘making-of’ video, which gives us a better impression of just how vast some of the scenes they built are.

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Source: The Verge

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  • p3g4susuout

    brilliant great work …. you should make it even longer or see if you can get support to release a film…