FBI And NSA Request Master Encryption Keys From Developers

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Would you hand your keys to just anyone, I sure wouldn’t. That isn’t stopping the United States Federal Government from asking encryption developers to hand over their keys, encryption keys that is.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National Security Agency (NSA) have been attacking the digital world for quite some time, when or where will it stop, no one really knows. So long as FISC or FISA stays in play it gives these two agencies and probably many others access to harass and disrupt digital and internet based companies.

Any website you visit that requires a username and password has some form of data encryption, sites such as your email, or even your bank. Microsoft, as well as Google both declined to let us know if they have been contacted about their encryption keys, it seems as if they did state that they have not given up their keys.

Cnet.com reported that “Apple, Yahoo, AOL, Verizon, AT&T, Opera Software’s Fastmail.fm, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast declined to respond to queries about whether they would divulge encryption keys to government agencies.”

So it seems to me that the United States Government wants to have full access to anything and everything that people do on the internet, from emailing, voice over internet phone calls, text messaging, to search histories, as well as gaining any and all meta date from these companies. On top of that, they want it handed to them on a golden platter that allows them to sift through everything that they gather without needing to work for it.

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Personally, I think the Government is stepping over that line, and asking for to much, each and every day that I see a new article about the FBI, NSA or PRISM that makes me want to step further away from technology.

Thank you Cnet for providing us with this information.

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