FBI Recommend Router Reboot To Flush Out Malware

FBI Issues Statement Recommending Router Reboot to Flush Out Malware

For any home or particularly small business, where security may not be so tight, the existence of malware or spyware is a concern. With them being potentially able to monitor your traffic or keyboard inputs, keeping a tight ship can be important to ensure your online security. A recent program was, however, identified which could be installed directly onto your router. Given that this is the literal hub of your internet activity, it definitely causes concern.

The emergence of VPNFilter malware potentially allowed third parties to remotely access your devices. With this, it allows a significant security risk.

As such, the FBI has taken the unusual step in issuing a formal statement of recommendation. In it, they recommend that all homes or small businesses should do a reboot of their router. The idea being that such action will flush out any malware.

Reboot or Reset?

Although the advice suggests a reboot, I suspect it might mean a reset. A reboot, after all, would only restart the router. As such, I see no reason why any preexistent malware would be removed. A reset, however, would in effect be a clean install returning the router to its original factory settings. You will, of course, want to make sure you have your internet log-in details before doing this. That being said, most modern routers have this built in, especially so if your router was supplied directly from your internet service provider.

This does also go against the grain of standard advice. That being that you should keep your router running constantly to ensure a stable and solid connection. Based on the fact that the FBI themselves have given this advice, it might be worth heeding.

What do you think? Will you do a reboot based on this information? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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