FCC To Post List Of Robo Callers

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A thousand a day may seem like an exaggeration but when you pick up the phone to the robotic voice saying you’ve just won a great deal or that they are offering you the same deal you hanged up on five minutes ago, Robo callers and telemarketers can prove a nuisance.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in America hopes to combat this by releasing a list of all Robo callers and telemarketers that it receives complaints about. Recently the FCC reminded phone carriers that there are no legal barriers to do-not-disturb technology, a system where you able to block incoming calls from certain numbers, and the FCC hopes that its new list of potential offenders will be used by companies to help block and limit the number of robotic voices you hear on your phone.

Two things should be noted about this plan. The complaints that may end up with a number on the blocking list are not always fact checked by the FCC, so the system isn’t perfect for catching all the correct people (and maybe including some innocent ones). The other thing to note is that Robo callers are still legal in the US for charities, government and political groups, so it may not be so easy to catch all those calls.

How many Robo callers do you receive every week? Would you like to see a similar name and shame process put in place with your network providers?

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