FCC Receives Over 1 Million Comments on Net Neutrality!

/ 3 years ago


The FCC issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) on Net Neutrality a couple of months ago, with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, as well as the remaining four members of the FCC’s panel voting to approve the notice. Once this was approved the FCC entered what is known as a comment period, which was planned to end on July 15th, but the level of responses they were receiving forced them to push that deadline back until this week.

The FCC got so many comments that their website completely crashed several times,  so the deadline was pushed back to give everyone time to voice their concerns and there were a lot of concerns. FCC’s own Gigi Sohn took to twitter yesterday to reveal that they had well over 1 million comments.

This is huge, given that the comments for FCC rulings usually peak at no more than a few hundred. The FFC said they’ll take everyone’s comments into account, but with over 1 million it remains to be seen if they’ll read every single one. Even without reading all the messages, it’s clear that a lot of people are upset about potential changes the fundamentals of how the internet is used. Mess with the eco system and you’re going to end up with over a million angry people knocking on your door.

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