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FCC’s Ajit Pai Credits Congress For Not Restoring Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

The end of the year saw, in a sense, the end of the first chapter of the removal of Net Neutrality in America. With the US Congress able to appeal to the decision to remove the protections (which the FCC did in late 2017), there was not enough support for the matter to be taken any further. It is, however, a decision that FCC chief Ajit Pai has applauded.

In a report via CNET, he has issued a lengthy statement saying that the FCC’s ‘light touch’ is working.

Ajit Pai

In a rather length statement, Ajit Pai has said the following: “I’m pleased that a strong bipartisan majority of the U.S. House of Representatives declined to reinstate heavy-handed Internet regulation. They did the right thing. Especially considering the positive results for American consumers since the adoption of the Restoring Internet Freedom Order.”

He later went onto comment that internet speeds in the US have increased and how the department will “continue to pursue our forward-looking agenda to bring digital opportunity to all Americans.”

The Fight Is Not Over!

Despite Net Neutrality failing to be reinstated, the fight is far from over. The matter will now be taken to the courts and that will be interesting. With at least 22 State Attorney Generals and various tech companies supporting Net Neutrality, there will be more than a little effort to get the protections put back in place. At the very least, on a state-based level.

It’s a load road ahead. The fight, however, is far from over!

What do you think? – Are you a supporter of Net Neutrality? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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