Feud Between Guilds To Claim The Lordless Castle

/ 5 years ago

Joymax are widely known for their longstanding quality titles including Silkroad Online and Digimon Masters, this week they have unveiled the second major update to their fan favorite fantasy MMORPG, Knight Age. Arriving next week, Siege Warfare will add a new dimension to gameplay and present a new PVP challenge to players.

Siege Warfare: a colossal PVP battle between the Orders of Knights (Guilds) as they battle to take over a castle is the most intense PVP experience Knight Age has offered to date. These weekly skirmishes take place every Sunday, and leaders of each Order must apply for the chance to compete at nearby NPCs. Orders must pool their gold resources together not only to be eligible for the fight, but also for position – bribes, known officially as bids – are taken by the Siege NPC and the highest “bidder” will win the closest spot to the castle. A closer spot does not guarantee victory: teamwork can overcome a less skilled Order, even if they are closer.

So, how does one become a victor? The warfare lasts an hour and it is up to the players to earn as many points within this allotted time. Points are earned by touching the Crystal – the longer a team maintains contact with the Crystal, the more points they are awarded. However, being in direct contact with the Crystal also leaves the Knights open to direct attacks. Fight or conquer? It is up to each Order to choose their war strategy.

The ultimate reward for winning the Siege is becoming the Lord of Tintagel Castle. Not only are all members of the winning Order of Knights given access to this exclusive fortress, the leader controls all taxes placed upon the people in the Knight Age world. Their choice to increase or lower taxes will directly affect the in-game economy! Higher taxes may depress the economy and heighten all item prices, though lower taxes may provide poor income, so finding a good balance will be a challenge! Inside Tintagel Castle is also an exclusive merchant found nowhere else in the kingdom, who sells high level items found only inside Tintagel. These rewards can be used to defend their keep during the next Siege Warfare, when the castle once again becomes neutral territory.

Conquering a castle won’t be easy, but the rewards quickly add up; is your Order royal enough to withstand temptation? With plenty of events, regular content updates, Knights will have more and more to do within the realm of Knight Age.

To get a foothold in this on-coming battle, players must begin their preparation starting today by visiting the Knight Age Official Website http://www.joymax.com/knightage/

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