Filmmakers Mount 4K 1,000fps Camera to a Drone

/ 3 years ago

4k drone

Drone photography company Brain Farm have coveted the Phantom Flex4K camera for some time, but were concerned that, at over 30lb, the bulky unit would be too heavy to launch into the air. The company decided to try it anyway, mounting the ultra HD camera to a modified Aerigon Drone, customised especially for them by manufacturer Intuitive Aerial. It worked, and the results are spectacular.

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Intuitive Aerial boosted the Aerigon’s power output by 40% in order to manage the fully-rigged Flex4K, calling the modified remote vehicle “the most technologically advanced drone flight of all time… or a quarter million dollar crash.” Thankfully, the endeavour was successful, and will surely excite ambitious filmmakers across the globe.

Source: Engadget

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