Final Fantasy III to debut on Ouya console in HD

/ 5 years ago

The Ouya console is constantly changing and developing as more and more people become interested and game companies start to take it seriously as demand grows. The latest company to take notice is Square Enix as they promise the bring the Final Fantasy III Role playing game to the Ouya console. The first time Ouya will have ever debuted on a gaming console, Nintendo DS aside as that’s really too small to be a console.

Final Fantasy III originally debuted in Japan in 1990 and was remade for the Nintendo DS in 2006. So it is well in need of a HD makeover, which Ouya seems to have encouraged the developers to undertake. It is not clear if this will be a simple port of the recently released Final Fantasy III android version that also claimed improved graphics but its highly likely the game is going to require dramatic optimisations to be displayed on large HD TVs and used with a controller.

A price for Final Fantasy III on Ouya has yet to be decided, but a free demo will be provided. This is slightly disappointing news for us, as the whole point of the Ouya console was to provide free to play games, and this adds yet another Ouya service that won’t be free. But developers have to make their money somehow, so lets hope they keep prices as low as possible.

The Ouya console still has 6 days to go on Kickstarter as of writing. It has achieved 48.5K backers and $6,300,000 in funding so far.

Are you going to join the Android gaming revolution?


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