Final Fantasy XIV Gamers Stage Vigil For Dying Player

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As Codex Vahlda, a 29-year-old Final Fantasy XIV player, lay braindead in the hospital, friends and strangers held a vigil within the game to pay their respects to the dying gamer.

Codex, a level 50 bard, suffered complications from renal failure and was being kept alive on life support so that his family and friends could say their goodbyes. A real-life friend of Codex, reddit user Pattmyn, revealed the sad news on the FFXIV subreddit, saying, “The odds were one in a million something like this could have happened; Everything was otherwise under control and a donor was lined up already (his brother).”

Compassionate FFXIV players on the Gilgamesh server, the one same Codex occupied, rallied together to commemorate their fallen brother. Imgur user Aenemius, member of the same Free Company clan as Codex, took screen captures of the vigil as players joined it. It grew from a couple of avatars to dozens:


Players even staged a spectacular light show to spell out Codex’s name on the beach near the Free Company house, livestreamed by Twitch user Spicule:

Separate vigils were held across the Balmung, Excalibur, Hyperion, and Brynhildr servers. Streams from the vigil were even screened in Codex’s hospital room. This outpouring of compassion did not go unnoticed by his friends and family.

Pattmyn confirmed that Codex’s life support was turned off on Sunday and that he had subsequently passed away.

Rest in peace, Codex Vahlda.

Source: Kotaku

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