Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PlayStation 4 Edition Detailed

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Square Enix have announced that the PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be released on April 14, 2014 with official service beginning on the same day.

A Realm Reborn on PlayStation 4 will be available in either a Standard Edition or Collector’s Edition with pre-orders for both starting today (January 27th). Pre-orders for either edition will include two in-game items (Mog Cap & Cait Sith Doll minion) and the ability to participate in Early Access starting on April 11. The limited Collector’s Edition comes packaged with an art book, music CD, art cards, a themed security token, and several special in-game bonus items.

Existing players who have registered a copy of the Final Fantasy XIV Collector’s Edition or Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition, or who utilized the digital Collector’s Edition upgrade service, will automatically receive the two new in-game items (Fat Chocobo Mount & Wind-up Moogle minion) that are making their debut in the new PlayStation 4 Collector’s Edition for free.

A Realm Reborn PlayStation 4 Collector’s Edition Includes:

  • Special box featuring artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
  • Art Book – The Art of Eorzea: A Realm Reimagined
  • Special Soundtrack -The Sounds of Eorzea-
  • Seventh Umbral Era Special Movie Content Disc – The Waning of the Sixth Sun
  • Art Card Set
  • Themed Security Token
  • In-Game Items – Coeurl Mount, Behemoth Barding, Baby Behemoth minion, Helm of Light, Fat Chocobo Mount and Wind-up Moogle minion
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PlayStation 4 owners will be able to join the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Test at no charge starting on February 22. Players who own a PlayStation 3 version of A Realm Reborn will be able to transfer their accounts to the PlayStation 4 version for free starting April 11. Once transferred, PlayStation 4 players will no longer be able to access the PlayStation 3 version. To play both versions, a player must purchase the PlayStation 4 system version separately. Additional account transfer details will be announced at a later date.

A Realm Reborn Standard Edition for the PlayStation 4 will be available for $39.99. A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition for the PlayStation 4 will be available exclusively on the Square Enix Online Store for $79.99. A digital version of the A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition will be available for $59.99 through the PlayStation Network. PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Standard Edition owners can also choose to upgrade to a digital Collector’s Edition to receive the in-game items through the XIV Account Management System, Mog Station. A free 30-day trial is included for new accounts, with monthly subscriptions starting at $12.99.


Thank you Final Fantasy XIV for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Final Fantasy XIV.

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