Firefox Aims to Replace Flash Plugin Altogether with Shumway

/ 2 years ago


Mozilla’s newest project for the Firefox browser will make the need to use the Flash plugin obsolete. The project is called Shumway and is already integrated into Firefox Nightly. It has the purpose of making web browsing more secure as well as faster through the elimination of the Flash plugin altogether.

Flash is probably the most attacked piece of software out there and we’ve seen one severe security hole after another. Recently, Google made HTML5 the default on YouTube and Chrome only uses Flash as a last resort itself. Mozilla is now following this, but with a slightly different approach.

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The Shumway project renders flash content, but without the use of the bug-riddled Flash plugin. The project is still relative new and right now the feature only works on Amazon’s Product Tour section, but future updates will bring support for more websites. It works on Windows Vista, 7, and 8.1, as well as on Mac’s OS X. Windows XP and Linux users could also get it up and running, but a H.264 video decoder is needed.

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  • ZomBie

    weird move, most companies are abandoning flash

  • ankit mishra

    Yes flash player is Very bad it sucks i write a small blog can read here by the way flash need to be more secured its a great move by firefox