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Firefox To Remove Controversial ‘Save’ Screen Grab Option

Mozilla Firefox

Although Google Chrome seems to have attracted the most users in terms of internet browsers, Mozilla’s Firefox has a pretty strong and loyal fanbase. Admittedly, although I do not personally use the browser, I do see the attraction. Particularly with its emphasis on being as ‘lightweight’ as possible. It’s certainly better than the memory gobbler that is Chrome.

With the release of one of the more recent versions, however, a screen capture feature was added. This essentially allowed people to take screenshots of particular areas and save them. The ‘save’ function, however, was a significant matter of criticism and in a report via ZDNet, after much pressure, Mozilla has agreed to remove it.

What’s The Problem?

Well, after highlighting the area you wished to capture, you were generally given 4 options. The highlighted ‘save’ function, however, didn’t allow you to directly save the capture to your system. This instead uploaded it to a Mozilla server (linked to your account). This caused much concern over privacy. Particularly since many wouldn’t be too comfortable with their captures being saved on a 3rd-party system.

Save To PC

For the sake of clarity, the ‘save to PC’ function was always there. It wasn’t, however, the most obvious choice. One button does, after all, say ‘save’ while the other (correct one) is merely a ‘download’ style icon. Mozilla is believed to have already agreed to shut down their servers. This would apply that the next update will see the ‘cloud save’ function removed completely. As such, users will only be defaulted to download directly to their PC.

Looking at the image above, I can clearly see why many were confused by this. Hopefully, it’s removal will help promote a better user experience for what remains an exceptionally popular and much-loved browser.

What do you think? Which internet browser do you use? Have you ever tried Firefox? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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