First 150 Locations Onboard for Global Game Jam 2013

/ 5 years ago

Global Game Jam, Inc. announced that over one hundred locations have signed up to take part in the next epic global jam. Locations from all over the world are signing up, with 2013 looking like it will be the largest Global Game Jam (GGJ) to date.

Taking place the last weekend of January 2013, GGJ brings together game development enthusiasts around the world to create games in 48 hours at local sites. The global organization once again has local organizers showing support for GGJ and signing up their locations to host the event. Worldwide, hundreds of organizers, locations and communities are gearing up to make the largest worldwide game jam possible.

Locations are registering from around the globe: Melbourne, Australia to Kaunas, Lithuania and Cordoba, Argentina and Madison, South Dakota. Even Finland has already registered eight locations. Global Game Jam is delighted to welcome new locations around the world.

GGJ 2013 will feature the debut of the Gaming Center for Excellence in Cairo, Egypt. It is the first center of excellence for gaming in Egypt and the Middle East and the first ever GGJ site in that country. Egyptian jammers will join participants in Chile, New Zealand, Jordan, Peru, U.S., Thailand, France and many other locations during GGJ.

“Over the past few years, game jams have become a widely popular format to celebrate experimentation and the implementation of new ideas,” said Zuraida Buter, member of the executive committee of the GGJ. “The Global Game Jam is one of the proud flag bearers of creativity and collaboration, providing a game creation event on a worldwide scale, joining our community together with so many organizers, cultures and countries”.

“It is so exciting to watch Global Game Jam sites pop up around the world,” said Kimberly Voll, GGJ veteran organizer in Vancouver and GGJ regional manager for Canada exclaimed on Twitter. “Watching the creativity spark around the globe, everyone united under the passion for video games is an amazing thing to watch unfold. This year GGJ promise to challenge the most hard core jammers.”

Global Game Jam is actively seeking host locations around the world. It invites interested parties and individuals to look for more details on how to become a host location

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