First Alpha for Eve Valkyrie Requires a Powerhouse PC to Test Out

/ 3 years ago

eve valkyrie

Fans of Eve Valkyrie with lower PC specs will be extremely disappointed with the news that the first Alpha for the title will require a powerhouse PC to be able to run it. CCP is reaching out to users with PC that are able to run the title at ultra settings, so if your PC doesn’t meet the required specs, bad luck.

“I can tell you for the first alpha test, it’s going to be quite high,” Sigurdur ‘Siggi’ Gunnarsson, Valkyrie’s lead programmer stated. “We’ve already had to do a lot of optimisation to get the game running, what you see today. But we need to do a lot more before we launch the game. The alpha test’s going to be pretty high spec.”

It isn’t quite clear what type of PCs CCP is targeting, but Gunnarsson stated that users with one of the latest NVIDIA 900 series or AMD 200 series graphics cards will be “pretty safe”. The trailer also provides a bit of a tease for players to go out and spend their money on a new graphics card.

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4 Responses to “First Alpha for Eve Valkyrie Requires a Powerhouse PC to Test Out”
  1. Porkalicious says:

    Elite: Dangerous needs battles like this xD Battles with many large ships that have their own momentum 😛 Also, I don’t believe that footage was captured wit ha VR set but a track IR set. (and is the steering on rails for half the video? He kept looking the wrong way and still managing to dodge the large ships coming from the right.)

    • grumpytrooper says:

      I’d just be happy to see other ships around, I appreciate the universe is huge but the most amount of ships I’ve seen in one place before warping out was 3………no bounties for me :/

      but this video I must admit had my hairs standing to attention on the back of my neck the moment the mass warp in happened, it’s moments like that in games that make them special.

  2. grumpytrooper says:

    Something I don’t understand. This Video states that it is pre-alpha footage and yet the detain in the cockpit is pretty amazing, there are a few scratches on the glass and even a little “clean me” written in the muck on the window at 0:45 (ish) I am beginning to think that pre-alpha is a made up term so devs can defend early work from criticism……..

    FAN : “That looks like it needs improving”
    DEV : “Yeah well it’s in pre-alpha”
    FAN : “how can you have pre-alpha, when by definition Alpha is first ?”
    DEV : “I don’t appreciate your attitude or language, you are Banned”
    FAN : – Please create an account to post in these forums-

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