First FX-9590 System Is Spotted, Costs $4500

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The AMD FX-9590 costs about $900 so any pre-built system with it in is never going to be cheaper. That said the first pre-built FX-9590 system has been spotted by Hermitage Akihabara (via TechPowerUp) from G-Tune. This is going to be the best AMD system money can buy and the a1500BA1 desktop boasts an AMD FX-9590 and a Radeon HD 8990 (which is a branded OEM HD 7990 as AMD is skipping to the HD 9000 series).

The FX-9590 is tamed by a Cooler Master Seidon 120XL and seated by a MSI 990FXA-GD80 V2 motherboard that has been redesigned for the new AMD flagship (redesigns probably bolster VRM, power delivery and the BIOS). RAM is provided by 16GB of dual channel HyperX DDR3 1866MHz, the SSD is a Samsung 840 Pro 256GB, the HDD is a 3TB drive, an unknown 1200W 80 Plus Gold PSU, a Blu-Ray drive and Windows 8 64 bit tops the rest of the system off.

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For those who are unware of the FX-9590 it is AMD’s 4.8GHz base block, 5GHz turbo clock processor that is the fastest (aka highest GHz) out of the box processor currently available.

The entire a1500BA1 system will cost 449,800 Japenese Yen which translates into about $4500 USD.

Image courtesy of G-Tune

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2 Responses to “First FX-9590 System Is Spotted, Costs $4500”
  1. Wayne says:

    HOW MUCH!!? Damn. I never realised it was time for another eye test.

  2. haha says:

    It’s 4.7 Base Clock Not 4.8…
    Sorry For Trolling!

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