First iCEnhancer Screenshots & Video Released for GTA V

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One of the most famous mods for Grand Theft Auto IV was easily iCEnhancer, it brought incredible realism to the game with improved lighting and post processing effects, to name but a few of the tweaks it offered. Now the developer behind it has released the first details of how the GTA V version of this mod is progressing and it’s very impressive what has been done in just a few short weeks.

iCEnhancer released the following update via Facebook:

“The first timecycle mod for GTA V. I did that quickly though and blindly but it’s already pretty cool for the future.

I removed the DOF weird noise shit during player transition and weapon changing, reduced the fog amount, i hated it, removed the blurry background, changed the sun color to something more neutral, less brown. changed the water, and removed the post effects for each character (as you may know, each character in V has their own post-processing).

Of course we can do more but it’s a start and mostly was a test with zzcool to see what we could change using unreleased OpenIV.

GTA V TC has a lot of controls, you can change so much and it’s cool, everyone can do their own tastes easily with it. Except to see weird stuff though from some people that I know haha. :-p

But yeah, might be time I start to play the PC version a little more then.


Check out the gallery below to see how great the game is looking with the currently pre-alpha mod.

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11203559_953524948015319_3249448070472132696_o (1)













The team also released the following two videos, which show how the fog has been removed from the game, water reflections have been improved, colours have been improved and more.

Given the mod is still pre-alpha, it’s already looking very impressive and we can’t wait to get our hands on the first release! We’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

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