First Image of the Google Android TV Game Controller Discovered

/ 3 years ago

android-tv-android-l-game-controllerThe Android L developer preview build is out in the wild for the Nexus 5 and second-gen Nexus 7. Developers have already ripped it apart to tweak apps and other features into the firmware, but those who dug a little deeper have even found images of the yet to be revealed Google game controller that could be used with Google powered TVs and devices.

“The directory they were found in is: ‘sdk\samples\android-L\androidtv\visual-game-controller\res\drawable-xxhdpi,’” Reddit userbedofgoatturds wrote. “Reverse image search tells me that this is completely new, just thought I’d get it out there.”

It is strange that Google haven’t said more about the controller so far, given that they used a console controller on state at I/O 2014 when demoing Android TV and that details are inside the SDK for Android L.

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Now it also looks like the developers who attended the conference have been given Android TV dev kits which came complete with the controller found in the SDK. One user has even published a picture of the controller on Google+, so perhaps we’ll be hearing a lot more about this new controller very soon.


Thank you BGR for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of BGR.

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