First In-Game Screenshots of Retail Fallout 4 Leak Online

/ 2 years ago


Fallout 4 is almost here and that means that leaks are starting to slip through the net. The first in-game screenshots from the PlayStation 4 retail (final) version of the game have been leaked online, showing us a bit of what we can expect from the latest Bethesda epic. I must admit, the images look a little lackluster, insert console version joke right here, but they really do look a little lacking in the texture department.

The game looks pretty much like what you would expect from a Fallout game, but the real merit will no doubt be in the story and the gameplay, as is often the way with Bethesda games.

I can’t wait to see how the visuals of the PC version compare, especially one the extremely talented modding community gets their paws on it and retextures and models a large part of the game, as we’ve seen with previous entries in the series.

Let’s just hope the game doesn’t launch in an unplayable buggy state, as so many other games do these days.













Are you looking forward to playing Fallout 4?

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3 Responses to “First In-Game Screenshots of Retail Fallout 4 Leak Online”
  1. Filip NovotnĂ˝ says:

    I think they could have achieved a way better graphics but. But if they mainly focused on the gameplay itself I guess it will be really awesome game to play.

    • MRVDOG says:

      They might release a HD Texture pack post-release, like they did with Skyrim, and I’m sure the modding community will make a Better Graphics Mod, I prefer that they spent more time and resources on the gameplay over the graphics, just because of the modding community

    • Reinaldo Ramos says:

      This is a console version. I’m sure the PC version has better graphics.

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