First Look at AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Review Samples

/ 2 years ago


Pictures have been released online of the all new AMD Radeon Fury X samples. A chap over at PCPop managed to find one and post some pictures. The new GPU is seen packaged in a very sturdy and fancy box with the well-known AMD logo on it. No sign of a dedicated Fury logo surprises me, there is also no sign of a logo on any of the documentation and manuals of the Fury logo.

The card itself has 4 logos printed on it, an LED one on the side, a red Radeon logo on the front, a laser etched one on the I/O ports and the final one on the fan; none of which even states Fury.

The GPU looks to be made of a nice aluminium casting, finished in a soft to touch black coating and a black gloss. The front plate is removable and AMD are stating that they expect modders to design their own plates with 3d printing systems. It won’t affect the cards functionality or cooling, as the cooling will be done by the attached water cooling loop with a radiator.

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From the pictures below we can see that the cooling loop is shielded with a very nice and clean-looking braiding which then connects into a single 90mm radiator and fan. The cards official TDP is 275w but the connectors and PCI slot can give up to 375W.





















And finally, the first GPU-Z screenshot of the new card:


Please note that the bandwith shown is incorrect (should be 512gb/s) but I’m sure this will be because the creator of GPU-Z needs to make a few tweaks in order to cope with the new chip.

Thank you to videocardz for providing us with this information

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  • John Strickland

    More AMD junk…980ti>390X

    • Mason

      fury x>980ti

    • doombadger

      You’re such a fucking little prick, John. You come on here giving it all that about GPUs like you know what you’re on about and you don’t even know the difference between a 390X and a Fury.

      You’re a fucking joke, boy.

    • koneko

      this isn’t a 390x boi

    • Scion

      This guy is trashing AMD on every post out there, as if they stole his first child or something… don’t you have more important things to do?

  • John Strickland

    That thing is UGLY…typical AMD I guess.

    • Alex Mihailescu

      Commenting on every AMD post, bullshiting ’bout how nVidia is better than AMD. Damn dude,you must be frustrated.

    • doombadger

      Oi John what the fuck is wrong with you?

      • haha,that guy is working in nVidia building as a toilet boy.

    • doombadger

      Who cares what it looks like. It beats every Nvidia GPU currently available. Oh dear does that upset you?

    • kyle milliken

      function over form.

    • koneko

      what’s wrong with the black? your beloved titan x it’s black too.. function over look m8

  • Adrian Silvia-Flosi

    Any high end gpu > my budget

  • This comment section is the definition of fanboys/girls

    Talking about both sides here….

  • Francesco Mogavino

    those leds on the pci-e connectors, what is their function?

    • Nathanael Freihart

      they show ho much the GPU is used at the Moment, it hink you also can make them blue.

  • JohnD

    Why create such a lovely looking dotted plate and then hide it? We’re never going to see the thing if we have a window in our case, and instead will be forced to look at those ugly stickers!! Booooo! 🙁

  • bert7

    roll on Wednesday, loads of test to read on how it kicks butt or not.

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