First NVIDIA GTX 690 pictured

/ 6 years ago

Here is the very first picture of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690, a monstrous dual-GPU graphics card, slated for an April 28 unveiling at GeForce LAN, Shanghai.

The picture reveals quite a bit about the card’s design, especially that of its cooling assembly. To begin with, it bears more resemblance with that of the Radeon HD 6900, than its predecessor, the GeForce GTX 590; in that it features a lateral-flow blower instead of a larger lateral-flow fan that’s found on cards such as the GTX 590 and GTX 295 (single-PCB).

The essential structure of the cooler remains the same as its predecessor. The card has just the one PCB, both GPU systems are located on it, with their own memory and VRM zones. the GPU systems are located at the two ends of the PCB, while the central portion probably holds components such as VRM and PCIe bridge chip. One can predict each GPU system to have a large, copper-rich channel heatsink, through which the blower in the center guides air through.

Unfortunately, there’s not much more that we describe the picture, owing to its angle. You can find a dual-DVI cluster at the end. In all likelihood, the card has enough connectivity for four displays.



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