First Single 32GB DDR4 RAM Modules Spotted for Sale

/ 2 years ago


The first single-stick 32GB DDR4 server memory modules have started selling and it is Kingston who is behind the new large-capacity memory modules. Currently 4GB modules are the norm for DDR3 users with some 8GB modules for the more performance-hungry users, so 32GB is quite a lot.


The new Kingston DDR4-2133 32GB LRDIMM (model KVR21L15Q4/32) memory specifications are quite ordinary with an operating frequency of 2133, 15-15-15 timings and the low 1.2V operating voltage (1.14 ~ 1.26V), but as server memory they also come with Error Correction Code (ECC).

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You might already have guessed that a rare sized module like this won’t be cheap, and you guessed right. It is priced at 86.280 yen which equals to about £486.77.


Thanks to Akiba for providing us with this information.

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One Response to “First Single 32GB DDR4 RAM Modules Spotted for Sale”
  1. Sloskat says:

    Heck the price. I know 32GB seems a lot but hey the memory RAM stick in not made of gold so it’s not worth price of £486.77

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