First Sonic Forces Gameplay Trailer Released

/ 10 months ago

Sonic Forces Gameplay Trailer

For fans loyal to Sega, you’ll be pleased to see the first Sonic Forces gameplay trailer recently released. Whilst some may be a little excited about a new edition to the Sonic catalogue, there will be an equal or greater number of people who will cringe.

Sonic games are best known for the original 2D side-scrolling action, the different pathways and fun use of objects, springs and creatures to bounce and launch from. The Casino levels in Sonic 2, or being able to call upon the help of a mutated fox, Tails, to lift you to new heights or just act as cannon fodder. The series eventually evolved to 3D, but whilst it stayed in the 2D state, they were very much some of the most enjoyable games to play.

Sonic over recent times, moved over to 3D gameplay, and in that state it all felt overly autonomous, you start a fast section and requires very little input and it all just felt a little boring. Thankfully, Sega has again covered both bases as it did in Sonic Generations, with both classic and modern sections to play. Whilst games did need to move on graphically, for me, Sonic games suffered, they just didn’t seem as fun.

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Sonic Forces could be seen as a sequel to Sonic Generations from a gameplay point of view,  but the studio has stated that is a new title, not a continuation. Sonic Forces is due to be released in late 2017 for PS4, XBone, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The gameplay trailer only shows footage from the 3D perspective, but I for one will be hoping there’s more of the classic gameplay compared to the modern style. Launching Sonic to high speeds then just sitting back and watching everything go by just doesn’t do it for me.


Will you be picking up this new Sonic game? Or has the entire series lost all of it’s original charm?

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