The First Trailer For “Steve Jobs” Has Been Released

/ 2 years ago


Set to be released on October 9, 2015, Steve Jobs or steve jobs|is a biographical drama film that portrays the life of the famous Apple co-founder. The movie is based on a biography signed by Walter Isaacson, it features a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin and is directed by Danny Boyle. Perhaps the hardest and the most important thing to get right for every biographical film is the main actor, and it’s definitely not easy to find someone who can highlight the incredible personality of Steve Jobs. Ultimately, Michael Fassbender was chosen for the part, while Steve Wozniak is being portrayed by Seth Rogen. Kate Winslet landed the part for playing former marketing chief Joanna Hoffman.

It sounds like the movie has a solid cast and a committed team behind its production, which is usually enough to guarantee success. Back in 2013, a film named Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher and Dermot Mulroney attempted to tell the story of the renowned entrepreneur, but it ended up receiving mixed to negative reviews from critics. Hopefully, the upcoming film will do a better job.

The first trailer for the motion picture has been released by Universal Pictures, and you can watch it yourself by clicking below.

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