FISA Court Renews NSA’s Right To Conduct Mass Surveillance

/ 4 years ago


According to an RT report the Obama administration has chosen to apply to the FISA court to renew the order that allows them to continue carrying out mass surveillance. The previous court order had been due to expire on July 19th but the Obama administration asked for a renewal and has apparently being doing so every 90 days since 2006.

Surprisingly you would of thought with all the public outrage that the current U.S government might of considered suspending the NSA surveillance programs for a while or even ending them altogether. However, this latest event suggests otherwise and is likely to add more anger to an already angry public.

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There is one shred of good news from the story and that is that:

The Administration is undertaking a careful and thorough review of whether and to what extent additional information or documents pertaining to this program may be declassified, consistent with the protection of national security

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  • Wayne

    Small wonder the Obama administration is highly unpopular. They’re doing very little to change it.