FiveM, Modified GTA V Multiplayer Client Now Available

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It might be an exciting day for GTA V players because another awesome mod is out. FiveM, a multiplayer modification for  Grand Theft Auto V is out for testing in Experimental builds. This is an unofficial Multiplayer client and differs from official one ‘GTA Online’ as it allows the players to have custom MODs in online session like FOV mod and what not. It relies on dedicated servers for connecting players to one another. According to them, the modification allows custom levels consisting of placed objectives around the existing map with large-scale scripting of game modes, extension scripts.

The build can be downloaded from here.

Instructions are as follows:

  •  Go to the /dist/bin/ folder and launch CitiLaunch.exe
  •  Point it to your GTAV installation directory
  •  Run CitiLaunch.exe and when you get an activation screen, press “Enter’ and Load into Online or Storymode.
  •  Once loaded in, press F6 to join an online session.
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Initially, the player cap will be same as GTA: Online cap that is 32 players. It will be expanded as the modification/optimizations are done to the mod engine. There will be over 30 opponents, partners or co-conspirators and the world will also be filled with the AI vehicles, pedestrians and perhaps even animals you know and love from classical GTA. Eventually, anti-cheating measures can be deployed which will most likely get rid of a higher percentage of cheaters than Rockstar will in the game itself on PC.

Considering the current situation of Rockstar using BAN hammer on all the folks using mods on either Online or Story Mode, players should watch out and play it safe.

Thank you DSOG for providing us with this information.

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